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maandag 30 oktober 2017

Quarterly Outlook is voorzichtig optimistisch

De Quarterly Outlook, de kwartaalprognose van Ortec Finance, is gematigd positief over de economische vooruitzichten voor de komende periode. De wereldeconomie herstelt zich, maar er zijn redenen om het optimisme te temperen.

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Quarterly Outlook
vrijdag 29 september 2017

Interactieve conjunctuurgrafiek

Conjunctuurcycli zijn een van de belangrijkste kenmerken (‘stylized facts’) die aangeven hoe assetprijzen, rentes, volatiliteiten en macro-economische variabelen zich in de realiteit gedragen.

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dinsdag 8 augustus 2017

Dynamisch lifecycle beleggen

Met een nieuw pensioenstelsel in aantocht waarin minder risico’s gedeeld worden zal lifecycle beleggen de komende jaren centraal komen te staan. Het idee van lifecycle beleggen is dat naarmate je ouder wordt je steeds minder risicovol gaat beleggen.

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donderdag 6 april 2017

EIOPA published new UFR methodology

On April 5, EIOPA, the European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority, published its new methodology to derive the Ultimate Forward Rate (UFR) for European insurers.

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woensdag 29 maart 2017

Bring clarity to your risk management

Over the last couple of years insurers have been extremely busy. The prevailing market conditions are quite challenging. Technological developments and changes in consumer preferences also continue to have an impact on your company’s business model.

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dinsdag 21 februari 2017

Improving the risk return trade-off of your investments

Fundamental changes in the economic environment have led to a shift in focus of strategic investment policy and risk management. Instead of strictly long-term thinking the emphasis these days is more on a combination of long and short-term perspectives.

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dinsdag 21 februari 2017

Investment Consulting

Asset management is one of the most important focus areas for insurers and pension funds. It involves important decisions such as the strategic asset allocation (SAA) and interest rate hedging, but also implementation aspects such as benchmark selection and construction of mandates. With an independent advice from Ortec Finance on these and other topics you can hire sophisticated external expertise and ensure that there is consistency between strategy and implementation.

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dinsdag 24 januari 2017


The Ultimate Forward Rate (UFR) remains a matter of constant concern. The UFR is used in the valuation of pension and insurance liabilities. In the Netherlands a different UFR is used for pension funds than for insurers.

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maandag 2 januari 2017

Ortec Finance Weekly Market Watch

Monthly Heat Map - December: The heat map contains the relative and absolute monthly change of several financial indices and indicators. The either positi ve (green) or negative (red) colors are assigned from the perspective of an investor in a long position in financial instruments in or related to these indices or indicators.

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maandag 12 december 2016

Solvency II standard formula review

The European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority (EIOPA) put out a consultation paper on 8 december 2016 asking the insurance sector to respond to (or point out deficiencies in) certain elements of the Solvency II framework which are put up for review in 2018. With this paper EIOPA more or less officially ‘kicks off’ the first review phase of the regulatory framework.

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