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"Currency trading could be one of the first sectors to benefit from blockchain technology"

IPE Conference tackles digital strategy and blockchain technology

During the IPE Conference in Prague, Ortec Finance contributed in more than one way. In her talk about ABB’s digital strategy, head of pensions management Elisabeth Bourqui said the Swiss-Swedish ABB Group has a strong digital infrastructure that helps knit together its multitude of different pension funds around the world.

Bourqui mentioned the partnership with Ortec Finance, which had carried out local ALM studies to establish unique local liabilities, taking into account individual schemes’ profiles and local regulation. She emphasised that this required a fine-tuned understanding of individual schemes’ liabilities and the specific local interest rate situation.

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Blockchain ‘promising but still far off’

Martijn Vos, managing director of pensions and insurance at Ortec Finance, spoke at the IPE Conference himself, saying that he “strongly believed” in the technology. However, he argued that it couldn’t take off until legislation has been put in place to enable governance and data gathering. Vos emphasised that blockchain’s introduction would be a global issue and a matter for central banks’ policy.

He thinks that currency trading could be one of the first sectors to benefit from blockchain technology, “as its very liquid market would make it easy to record transactions”. The same went for liquid equity trading, he said.

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